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Ceramic coating is one of the most sought after services for cars at High End Car Wash these days. It is basically a layer of liquid polymer coating that is applied to the body of a vehicle. This acts as an extra layer of protection and offers better protection than any sealant or wax alongside accentuating the sheen and keeping your car cleaner for longer. A ceramic coating creates a permanent or semi-permanent linking with a vehicle’s paint layer, which does not wash away or break down and does not require to follow up applications periodically

Ceramic Coating Header and Exhaust

Though one can decide which part of the car needs a ceramic coating, opting for the headers and exhaust could be a very wise decision as they are subjected to a lot of extreme heat and thermal stresses, which over an extended period can cause irrevocable damage. A ceramic coating can protect the parts from damage caused by road salts, oil and gas, and other corrosive chemicals. They can also prove as a shield against road debris like rocks, sand and items left scattered on the road. A regular flow of heated gases and fumes through the exhaust pipes can lead to gradual corrosion. A good amount of ceramic coating on the insides of the pipes can combat the level of metal degradation.

Why do you need Ceramic Coating ?

1. Sun Protection – Regular sun exposure can result in an oxidation reaction on the paint, causing the paint to chip away. Ceramic coating protects a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the amount of oxidization.

Car Ceramic Coating

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2. Chemical Resistance – The protective layer prevents the paint from reacting with any chemicals that may accidentally spill on the car body or the ones present in cleaning products.

3. Ease of cleaning – The layer is water repelling which ensures no staining or coagulation of dirt or grime on the surface.

4. Glossy finish – Ceramic coating keeps your car looking brand new all the time.

5. Minimal wear and tear – Applying a ceramic coating keeps your vehicle resilient from the direct exposure of heat and reduces wear and tear. This can thereby increase heat tolerance.

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