When it comes to car wash needs in Geelong and Laverton, look no further, High-End Car Wash is the name. With a guild of mechanics possessing over a decade of exceptional expertise in the industry, we are the penultimate experts for all car wash and care needs.

Hand Car Wash is one of our sought-after services were in our experts clean the exterior body and interiors of your car using theirs? A very traditional method of car cleaning, this one is quite popular as your vehicle gets the attention and precision of actual human touch wherein no flaw misses the eye. This method also gives a certain level of satisfaction to our customers as the strokes and the method of cleaning will be gentle. At High End Car Wash, we use only internationally recognized products for all our services. This ensures that the products are gentle on the body and does not even accidentally cause any abrasion scratch or blemishes.

Quite too often, our clients face difficulty in driving up to our service center to engage in services, owing to time crunch. Keeping in mind such customers, we have a specific unit that caters to mobile car washing at the convenience of your home or office. Once you schedule an appointment, our team arrives at your doorstep, equipped with all the necessary tools and products and renders a squeaky-clean vehicle at your disposal.

Touchless car wash to Brushless car wash to Self-serve – We have it all

We offer a plethora of automatic car washing systems. The vehicle is placed on a track and it moves according to the stages and sections of washing on a fully automated program. Catering to our customers who do not want any physical contact of equipment with the car, we have the touchless car wash system wherein sensors cleanse the body using a jet stream of water and products, which are guided by ultrasonic technology. This is similar to the brushless washing technique where the equipment doesn’t come in contact with the body. Both these services reduce any possibility of damage or scratches which is otherwise probable in a manual hand wash due to friction and direct rubbing. It ensures that all the corners and hidden crevices are thoroughly cleaned, leaving no room for any residual dirt or grime.

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For owners who are particular about washing their machine on their own, we have safe and simple self car wash equipment designed particularly for this purpose at our car wash cafe. One is able to wash and rinse their vehicle at their own convenience. It takes away any uncertainty or concern that might arise out of letting your car be washed by another person or a machine.

High End Car Wash is a known name across Australia with services extended to the suburbs of Werribee, Belmont, Newtown, Point Cook, North Geelong, South Geelong, West Geelong, and Williams Landing. For more details, visit us at Alternatively, you could also reach us on (03)9369 4477 or write to us at



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