High End Car Wash was formulated with the intention of rendering services to trucks of all makes, models, sizes and brands. It is quite understandable that in the current day’s hectic life, people find little to no time to wash and maintain their trucks. Understanding this, we have devised a strategy to provide immaculate cleaning services using eco-friendly and biodegradable products, rendered by expert mechanics with the help of state-of-the-art equipment.

Considering its size, it require a specific care and attention of its own. Truck wash services are about efficiency, which includes efficient use of water, time and capital. At High End Car Wash, we supply these systems to help operators across the suburbs of Geelong and Laverton including Werribee, Belmont, Newtown, North Geelong, South Geelong, West Geelong, Point Cook, and Williams Landing succeed by helping their fleet look its best, decrease long term costs of ownership, minimize impact on the environment and keep the wheels turning all along.

Depending on the size and need, we have an array of truck washing systems such as Standard Omega Wash, High-Pressure Omega Wash, Drive through Wash, Hybrid Truck Wash, Commercial Truck Wash and more. Our services cater to both single owners and fleet owners. The basic process in the cleaning includes soaking the body in cleaning products for a while and washing with water using high jet galvanized pumps. Based on the choice of cleaning system, there are automated pumps, roller cleaners, etc involved in the process.

We also have add-on services such as De-muck wherein the equipment removes mud and heavy grime from the tyres and other parts of huge vehicles and mine site equipment. Similar to this is the Touchless Truck Wash system, which employs high-pressure moving jets and a two-step detergent application. These systems are fast and reliable proving popular with large fleets and commercial wash sites.

Understanding the nature of fleets and such heavy vehicles, we have a mobile truck wash unit that caters to your truck washing needs on the go. We are renowned for our prompt arrival and excellent services, among our clients.

Truck wash service

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The Best Truck Detailing Service

Truck detailing service is a series of cleaning acts including cleaning, polishing, and waxing of a vehicle, both interior and exterior. While regular washing keeps the exterior in presentable condition, a truck detailing service cleanses the insides of the vehicle as well. Due to continued usage and exposure to sweat, grime and dust, and rough use, the interiors are often worn out. A normal clean doesn’t essentially clean such tough stains and squalor and calls for deep cleaning.

Interior and Exterior Truck detailing is a lengthy process that involves:

  • Carpets, floor mats and seats steam cleaning
  • Leather seats cleaning
  • Conditioning of leather seats, dashboard and door panel
  • Removal of all marks, stains and chewing gum off seats, carpets and floor mats
  • Door panel, door jambs, door rubber, trim, dashboard, centre console, plastic and ashtrays cleaning
  • Ceiling cleaning and fingerprint removal
  • Deodorizing
  • Window cleaning

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